Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Playground

Before heading south, we made a few more trips to that playground I mentioned.  As long as we don't get lost, it's a fine part of town.  And, believe me, we won't get lost again.
Funny thing is it's this beautiful playground, new and well-kept, with another playground for older kids and basketball courts adjacent to it, and we're usually the only ones there.  Strange.  Maybe there aren't many more kids around there than there are in our neighborhood (which is, like, four, two of whom live under our roof).
Andrew thinks his personal playground is spectacular.
He climbs and slides and runs up and down the ramp.  And up and down the ramp. And up and down the ramp.
I sit in a sunny spot on a bench just perfect for nursing John Fletcher.
When John Fletcher's done, he kicks and squirms in the stroller seat, while I play with my favorite toy.  Thankfully, my subject doesn't seem to mind.  :)


Wanting What I Have said...

Your photos are AWESOME! Andrew is precious!!! I love how you captured his beautiful blue eyes!

V's Mama said...

So sweet! And next time we're in DC, Vivian will be chasing Andrew around the playground! Such fun! He's a beautiful baby (I mean, big) boy!

Julie said...

I would give Andrew "a penny for his thoughts" in the last photo!