Wednesday, October 27, 2010

These little rascals had just about exhausted the offerings of the front and back yards.
Know how I know that?  Because they'd started doing things like...rolling pumpkins down the front yard hill, so that they'd bounce across the street and skitter down the neighbors' driveway...cackling with glee all the while.  At one point, there were four pumpkins by the front door.  Only two remain, and each of those has been retrieved from a driveway descent at least once.  The other two are forever lost.  As are several practice golf balls and one large bouncy ball that the toddlers also found would roll downhill.

So, we set out down the road for a little nature walk (aka: time to wear 'em out).
 The pinecone-like pods that fall from the magnolia trees and litter the gutters were the hot item of the day.
They were to be rolled downhill (of course!) and collected and carried and thrown and inspected.  And fought over.  Oh, the skirmishes over those magnolia pods.
 But there's no better cure for skirmishing than great expanses of personal space.
What a delight for our little city boy! 
And what fun to be tromping right through Lily Rose's neck of the woods!
Nature walks are good for the soul.


Sara said...

Great pictures!

Julie said...

So glad the cousins are enjoying the beauty of fall! Especially loved the picture of Andrew on the path of leaves!

Aunt Cacky said...

I LOVE these photos! You have an excellent eye for capturing a moment.