Tuesday, October 26, 2010

BART's Halloween Party

The Birmingham Museum of Art hosted a fabulous Halloween party for kids on Saturday.  My aunt and cousin came over to visit with John Fletcher for a bit and then take Andrew and me to the party.
There was a petting zoo in the parking lot, and the little guy absolutely loved it.
It took a bit of convincing for him to actually engage in any petting at the petting zoo, but he was so thrilled every time he got up the guts.
We even got to feed the animals.
The petting zoo was followed by cookie eating.  Mmmmm!
Then, there was pumpkin decorating! Andrew was pumped, because he's been asking to paint another pumpkin, ever since we attended the harvest festival. I sure was glad that we found the one available Crayola washable in the sea of Sharpie permanent paint markers. Only wish we'd found it before the little guy splattered purple on himself and his cuz.  Permanent paint for tots? Who's ever heard of such???
Finally, Anne Layton taught me a few moves from her belly dancing class before we capped off the day with a delicious lunch in the museum restaurant.
Festive fall fun!

{Many thanks to Aunt Cacky for the photos from the Museum--I forgot my camera!}


Ole Miss Mom said...

Very cute! But those goats eyes are freaky!

moore said...

You look great Elizabeth!

Julie said...

Now for sure, Andrew is becoming the "country mouse"!