Friday, March 8, 2013

A Baptism

A couple months back, my mother-in-law sweetly inquired whether we had had Baby Girl baptized in secret and simply neglected to inform the family.  Then, my Mama was found whispering consoling words in Baby Girl's ear at her younger cousin's Baptism.  And all this while, the Mister was at the mercy of his trial schedule, flying this place and that, deposing these people and those, never knowing whether he would be in town any particular weekend of the first nine months of Baby Girl's life.
But the long-awaited day finally arrived, and our precious Baby Girl was baptized.
I think ten months still counts as a cradle Catholic.  ;)
Her brothers were so proud.  And so good.  Which was a relief.
We thought her rather pretty in the gown Buddy Boy wore and the bonnet Little Guy wore for their Baptisms.
Her godfather, the Mister's brother, flew in from Florida for the Baptism.  Her godmother (our sister-in-law) stayed behind to tend to their children, so my dear friend kindly stood in as her proxy.

Baby Girl could not have enjoyed her Baptism more.  She smiled and kicked and responded with a coo or a call to everything Monsignor said.

We had a nice little gathering of family to celebrate with us.
A simple lunch at home afterward.

And it turns out there is an advantage to a slightly delayed Baptism.  You get in on the CAKE!


Wanting What I Have said...

What a special day for you all! And what gorgeous pictures!!!

Anonymous said...

Agree on the cake! My little girl was baptized at one month and missed out on the cake. And slept through her party.

Anika said...

Oh my goodness, that bonnet makes me swoon it is so sweet. What a wonderful day!