Monday, February 25, 2013


It's been a while.  You see, this most wonderful thing happened.  The Mister's work schedule finally slowed a bit and he started spending weekends with us and making it home a few nights a week before bedtime.  The blog is taking the hit, but I'm sure you understand.  :)

During the Mister's big trial, I had him promise that he'd take us on a family getaway when it was all over.  A couple weekends ago, I cashed in on that offer.
We made our way to Colonial Williamsburg for some cold, cold, wet, windy, COLD fun.
The boys were pretty intrigued by the colonial jail.  Especially the potty.  It's all about the potty with them, these days.
 We saw a fife and drum parade, and followed it down Duke of Gloucester street.
We ate at a colonial tavern, bought ginger cakes from the bake shop, and sampled hot chocolate and tea.  We watched the work of a cobbler, a blacksmith, leatherworkers, cabinet makers, book binders, wig makers, seamstresses, and a doctor.  We toured the museum, the armory, and the capitol.  We walked and walked and ducked inside each little workshop that would have us, truly appreciating the fires set in their hearths.
Baby Girl spent the entire weekend like this, bundled in 4 layers, strapped to her Daddy's chest.  She had the warmest spot of all.
On the way down, the Mister said he thought we should get the boys guns and tricorn hats, even though we're usually mean, anti-souvenir parents.  I agreed wholeheartedly.  Then, we got to the souvenir shop and there were so many fun things to choose from that we told them they could choose anything they wanted.  Two guns and two tricorn hats later, they were happy campers!
Did I mention it was cold?  It was SO COLD!  The snowflakes were an inch across.  You could almost hear them plop.
 The snowfall made for an especially pretty colonial village.

 My sister-in-law's father very kindly had us to stay in the Providence Hall House.  You may remember me posting about this gorgeous home before.  Again, we had the run of the place.  And it was glo-ri-ous!
Cracks me up to see this picture, as compared to the one in that old post of the boys romping on this same bed two years ago.  My, how things have changed!
The Mister was particularly pleased to spend so much time with Baby Girl.  She is ordinarily asleep almost all the hours he is home.  This was a treat for them both.

The second day of our trip, the cold persisted, but there was no precipitation, which did make it easier to see more sights.  I tired--oh, I tried--to get the boys into these stockades, but to no avail.

The highlight of the weekend for Little Guy was the Salute to the Presidents, with twenty-one cannons fired. Baby Girl jumped at the first one and slept through the rest!
The cold, the cannon fire, and the end of the day, left the Mister with hands pretty near full, so we called it a weekend and began our journey home.
It was a weekend of reconnection, rejuvenation, and relaxation.  It was a very good time.


Jamie Helms said...

Oh, I am over the moon, pleased at punch, and giddy with excitement to know about your trip of reconnecting and enjoying extended family time. :)

Julie said...

Little guy has some interesting facial expressions! So glad y'all are having some quality family time!