Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Rest of Williamsburg

In case you have heretofore somehow missed my mention of it, the Mister works a lot.  Long and gruesome hours at a job we are so thankful he has.  Getting away from the city is hard to do.  So, our trip to Williamsburg for niecey's Baptism was quite the family getaway. 

We rarely do a long drive with the boys (26 flights and counting for Little Guy, but hardly ever a long drive...weird!), so we were a little nervous about the stress level, fuss level, poopy diaper level, etc.  About an hour and a half into the drive, when things were headed downhill fast, the Mister made an "executive decision" (his term, which kindly informs me that my input will not be needed in a certain matter) to plug Target into the GPS, pull off at the next exit, and buy a portable DVD player and Barney's Circus Songs or some such.  And peace reigned from there on out.
{Sidenote: this is the man who, on our baby registry trip before Little Guy's birth, firmly declared that no son of his would ever be using a wipe warmer.  I don't think the wee one was yet six days old when the Mister began mentioning that the wipes seemed awfully cold on the poor little thing's bottom.  He's a softie underneath and I love him for it!  :)}

What road trip isn't made by better by a stop at Sonic?  Mmmmm....I love cheesesticks and every toddler loves a waitress on roller skates.
And then we were there!
My sister-in-law's father had very kindly arranged for us to stay at the Providence Hall House, a colonial guest house on the grounds of Colonial Williamsburg.  Oh, my!  This is where my parents and grandmothers stayed when my brother and sister-in-law married, so I knew the treat we were in for.
 This was our bedroom.  Isn't it pretty?

 The boys sure found it cozy!
I would have just loved to tuck Buddy Boy into this sweet little cradle.
But, oh darn!, he had his very own room, where we could not hear his every little stirring.  It was definitely a step (or eight!) up from our sleeping arrangements at home.
Ah, the gorgeous foyer.  Perhaps my favorite part.
Or maybe my favorite is the study.  Hard to choose.
The whole place is just wonderful.  It's difficult to know whether one is staying in a luxury hotel or a fascinating museum.
Little Guy loved having the run of the house and offering tours. 
A little out of order, but I have to throw this in there.  I love this picture of Little Guy seeing his grandparents for the first time.  It makes me feel so good about all those long visits we make down south, when we're missing the Mister like crazy.  The boy knows his grandparents.  And loves them!
And now back to our regularly scheduled tour of Providence Hall House.
There are several more rooms--all beautiful--and then there are the grounds...
 With geese and pebbled walkways and bridges.
And lots and lots of fresh air and space to roam!
 It's all so grand and so refreshing!
And that's what getaways are all about!


ElissaMLF said...

Looks like so much fun! I love Williamsburg. And I love the photo of Jacob at Sonic. It just looks so... Jacob! Miss you guys.

V's Mama said...

Oh I am giggling at the exec decision, the awesome car seat, and Jacob's signature finger tapping caught in action! The trip looks amazing!! Such a great experience!

kbb said...

So much fun! I second Jamie's giggles at the executive decision - too cute! It looks like it was a wonderful weekend!

Julie said...

How nice to live like royalty for a weekend!!! It makes me want to go back to Williamsburg!

Wanting What I Have said...

What a GREAT trip!!! I am so happy for y'all!

The accommodations!!! WOW!!! How gorgeous. Again - I am so happy y'all got to stay somewhere so nice and with so much space. How wonderful!

The Engineer and I said we'd never have a dvd player in the car. Oh no. We were going to talk and read and spend time together uninterrupted in the car. It didn't take long before we realized a dvd player in the car is a sure investment in one's marriage. I'm so glad y'all have one. :)