Friday, February 18, 2011

A Baptism

We spent last weekend in Williamsburg, Virginia, celebrating the Baptism of my niece.
 It was such a happy day.  She never even let out a peep!
 And a good many family members on each side were able to make it.
The girl of the hour wore a beautiful gown reminiscent of the one her mother wore for her own Baptism.  She looked so sweet!  Doesn't she have the prettiest rosy cheeks you've ever seen?
Her parents were so proud!
I'm so glad we were able to make it for the big day.  It's the family events like this that I hate missing out on because of living far away.  It's awfully convenient that my sister-in-law's hometown is just a few hours' drive from DC!
The Little Guy talked all the week before about going to his cousin's "naptism." :)  And he had a blast (as did the rest of us!) at the lovely reception.  He's just as much a lover of family parties as I am!

May your walk in the faith be long and full, sweet girl!  We love you!


ElissaMLF said...

What fun! Amelia talked for weeks about how Ramona was going to get "baf-tized." (baf = bath)

V's Mama said...

The sweetest... and yes, her rosy cheeks are precious!

Julie said...

What beautiful pictures - so glad y'all were part of it!

Aunt Cacky said...

Anne Louise is just precious! I'm so sorry we weren't able to make it for the occasion. You did an excellent job with the photos.