Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I Think I Can

How many of you mamas feel like this dude?  Head down, a mountain to climb every day, chug-a-chug chugging?  I know I do.  It's a very satisfying feeling to keep on chugging, but it can tire a girl out.
For Lent, I've been making the very small sacrifice of not internetting while the baby nurses.  Not so much because I think internetting while the baby nurses is a bad thing, but because I realized I've gotten into a habit of keeping myself constantly occupied.
If my hands are not working on something, my mind is.  I'm constantly searching for the next thing to read or look at, hopping on Facebook or Instagram when I have a few free minutes, scrolling through posts and updates by people I haven't talked to in real life in years.  And sometimes I reach the end of the day and the only prayers I have said all day long are those I've said with my children.
This small Lenten sacrifice has rejuvenated me.  I try to remember to pray a little bit each time I nurse the baby, but sometimes I just sit and enjoy one of my greatest blessings or close my eyes and rest.  And...I'll come clean...there have been a few times that I've bounced a hungry baby on my hip while I snuck a quick peek at my email, before sitting down to nurse.  But it has been good.  It helps me keep on chugging happily.

Turns out that most of my internetting was squeezed into those nursing times, which is why I haven't posted as regularly as usual.  So...enjoy the random overload of photographs today.  :)
We did some sleep switcharoos, moving Baby Girl from the playpen to the mini crib, Buddy Boy from the mini crib to the toddler bed, and Little Guy from the toddler bed to the twin.  It all went seamlessly. Buddy Boy has done beautifully with his new freedom, much better than *cough* some people I know.  And Baby Girl's nursery is so much cuter now!
We had a majorly swirly white snowstorm that didn't stick a bit, but was fun to watch from the top floor, where the snowflakes whirled and dipped in the wind.
 We seized the sunshine and went digging on the National Mall for buried treasure.

 Baby Girl popped a few more teeth.

We enjoyed a very springlike day outside.  Baby Girl is still at that delightfully peaceful stage, where the grass feels way too weird for her to venture out upon.

The Mister and I went running in shifts.  And that was pretty monumental for me.  I have never run a full mile.  In my entire life.  Back when I had to endure the torture that was the Presidential Fitness test {after having graduated from two years of 'remedial gym'--true story!}, I would run a few laps and then get a cramp in my side and fall to the back of the group to walk off the rest of the mile.  But I'm slowly learning that some real exercise--not just toting and chasing babies--makes me feel good.  Helps me keep on chugging cheerfully.  So, I'm trying to squeeze a little bit in.  We'll see.

 My lovebugs.
The time change means the children and I can resume our evening stroll-abouts.  I love our evening stroll-abouts.  Especially when I can feed them supper outside.  No sweeping up!
Spring is in the air!


Eleanor said...

I love the sweet sleeping baby girl pics!! So wonderful!

Aunt Cacky said...

Wonderful photos!

Julie said...

Don't you just love daylight savings time - it extends outdoors time for your whole bunch! Loved all the pics!