Friday, March 9, 2012

Slow, Full Days

Life has been chuggin' along.  Our big adventures have slowed down, mainly because I just can't keep up at this point, but our days feel so very full.  The Mister has been working a lot.  We've been trying to prepare our home for Baby Girl's arrival (5 people...2 month...whew!...and yay!).  And we've been hibernating on cold days and running for the great outdoors on the pretty ones.

The boys have each been through a few different illnesses...three rounds of croup in the last month, our very first ear infection, and the usual colds.  This week, I took Little Guy into the doctor for a weeklong fever and stomach pain.  The combo worried the pediatrician as much as it did me, and she sent us up for a chest X-ray to check for pneumonia.  Since I couldn't be in the X-ray room, the Mister had to cab over from work to be his in-room guardian.  It was quite the production.  And the X-ray revealed...a really bad case of gas.  Nothing a little Mylicon couldn't handle, thankfully.

They've learned to play computer games on  For some reason, I feel like this ages them a good three years or so.  It's very funny to hear my baby talking about a cursor.  I've been thrilled at how willing they are to share the chair and the mouse and the clicking.  And how willing they are to "do the red X" when the timer beeps. 
We had a nice visit from the Mister's brother, while he was in town on business.  Little Guy adores his uncle.  Can't you feel the (blurry) love?
With all the little sicknesses, we've spent a lot of time at home.  Sprite through a curly straw proves a good remedy for sore throat.
Has anyone else found this citrus season to be particularly wonderful?  We are plowing through Costco-size bags of grapefruits at a shocking rate!
I wish y'all could witness the speed at which Buddy Boy puts away an entire grapefruit, but even more, I wish y'all could hear the enormous slurping sound he makes every time his spoon touches his little lips.  We have a major grapefruit fan in the house.
Happy weekend!  For all you parents out there, this is the good time change weekend, where the kiddos think it's earlier than it really is.  Woohoo!  I'm hoping to sleep 'til 7 AM!


Golden Gate Fam said...

That's so cute he loves grapefruit so much! I hate the stuff - find it too bitter. Wonderful healthy snack though!

BettieBoyd said...

Sweetest little faces we have ever seen! And I love grapefruit too. Love, Mama

Laura said...

love how enthralled they look in the computer picture! also love that he had an xray to reveal a case of gas.

Julie said...

Buddy Boy looks at least 1 yr. older eating the grapefruit - maybe it's the haircut!
Glad everyone is on the mend!