Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Play Ball

So.  Is it too early to wish that the pool were open?
We're having a little taste of spring this week, and it is so very, very lovely.
 The warm weather and the later light meant a return to the courtyard for post-nap ball.
 Little Guy put his game face on.
 And Buddy Boy brought his usual chuckles.
There was a good time to be had.
 A little jumping.

 A little contemplating the copycat move and deciding against.

These little boys...there is very little that pleases them as much as being outside with a good ball to throw.
 Or four.
This is Little Guy's baby bump picture.  Looks like he's coming along nicely.
 And this was one of those moments when it feels like all is right.
This one, too.
Stick around, sunny days.


Wanting What I Have said...

You are so beautiful! LOVE all these pictures with YOU in them! Yay for sunny days!

Emily said...

Beautiful pictures, especially the first one! Your eyes pop! So thankful for the longer days too!

BettieBoyd said...

I can almost feel all of you!They are so sweet, and so are you!

Diane Lee said...

How sweet! Spring is coming there too? You always take the most beautiful family photos.!!! It makes me happy just looking at them ;)

Julie said...

Happy Spring - happy boys - happy pictures!

Kimmie said...

love the matching overalls! cute cute pictures.