Friday, July 29, 2011

Just Surviving

The Mister has been out of town for work this week, and I can't say it's been easy getting by without him.  All those things he does without mention--the trash, the lightbulbs, the early morning diaper changes, providing a second set of arms when there are two children crying in the night--definitely have been noticed.  And we've missed him something terrible!  But with the help of a few mood lifters, we've survived.  So far.
Little Guy had his first experience with watercolors, and spent a solid hour and fifteen minutes turning white paper into refrigerator masterpieces.  Sweet!
 The next day, I introduced the glue stick.  {Maybe Buddy Boy gets that tongue thing from his big bro?}
Gluing fuzzy pompoms to construction paper was mildly successful, but not nearly as much fun as throwing fuzzy pompoms around the room and applying glue stick to the table.
Discerning that we had tapped out on arts and crafts, we met up with Little Guy's best girl for a playdate at the Playseum.
 {Maybe that tongue thing is contagious?}
 It was super fun.
And included introduction to a new sport!
 Our rockstars made a pretty good band!

 Time for more sports!
 And then, a bunny!
 Very, very exciting.
 What's better than kiddie-size cars and tractors?

And saddles!
 I think they were pretty pleased with the day.
Little Guy's buddy let him borrow her balance bike, and he's been riding it around the apartment ever since.  I ask him to go get something, and he hops on the bike and shuffles down the hall to retrieve it.  He even rides the bike to the bathroom. So funny!
 We capped off the week with a pool date with two friends and their girlies.

So nice to have some relaxing fun in the sun, with a couple other mommies there to lend a hand if when needed.

After a week of flying solo, I am worn out and missing my man, but we've survived--and had a pretty good time doing it!


Wanting What I Have said...

I'm SO PROUD of you!!! It is hard flying solo! And I am super impressed with your Little Guy's artistic endeavors. Kudos to mama!!!

My Little Man is very interested in these pictures..."Where is that? Is that a floating basketball? They live in Washing DC, why?" Cute, cute pics!

Foodiebia said...

Great pictures! They look like they had lots of fun!

BettieBoyd said...

I am missing all of you so much! And does Andrew have a new haircut?

Taylor Wise said...

Their clothes are so cute! I wish we had a play museum! That place looks so fun.

V's Mama said...

What a fun time you've had with the mommies! Can't wait to catch up next week! LOVE YOU! Your boys are so, so precious.

sbbales said...

I can relate to flying solo for a week! Looks like you had lots of great activities to keep the boys entertained. Love seeing the joy and excitement on their faces. Looks like ya'll are having a good time while waiting on Daddy. Hang in there!!

Anonymous said...

I love all the boys' outfits. You must share where you get them from!

Family Snodgrass said...

Thanks! I find a lot of their smoked and appliqued john johns on ebay!