Thursday, July 14, 2011

Buddy Boy at 9, 10, and 11 Months

Yikes!  How did I get so far behind???

I may scrap these monthly updates for any future children we may be blessed with.  I never really like the pictures, they're kind of a chore to take, and past  8 months or so, baby does not want to sit still for a photo shoot.

See what I mean?
But for the sake of continuity...

Buddy Boy at 9 months:
At his 9 month check-up, he was 16 1/2 pounds (3rd percentile) and 28 inches (50th percentile).

The big event of this month was the sprouting of two bottom teeth!
Buddy Boy at 10 months:
He started cruising!

And now, at 11 months:
Buddy Boy cruises very well and has begun to stand unassisted for brief moments.  He also climbs everything...he can climb into the bathtub, onto the ottoman, up the stairs, out of the baby pool, and onto Little Guy's bed.  He's a mover.  I'm surprised he isn't walking yet, but suspect he will be very soon.

He seems to understand a good bit of what we say these days, which is lots of fun.  I think he's saying "Mama," although it's more of a "maaaamaaaamaaamaaamaaamaaa," when I get him out of the crib or when he crawls over to me.  So far, no other words, but occasionally a sign for "more" or "all done."

Buddy Boy loves to play catch, jump (or just sit) on the trampoline, find telephones and remote controls, fiddle around in the toy kitchen, unroll toilet paper, pull dishes out of the dishwasher, test the cabinet locks, splash water, and be his brother's biggest fan.

He's still holding strong with just two teeth, but LOVES to eat!  Sometimes he'll eat double the Little Guy's portion!  His favorites are shredded cheese, vegetarian sausage patties, yogurt, and pancakes.

Despite my best efforts, Buddy Boy completely weaned himself as of a week ago.  He did not like having to turn in to nurse, because he never wanted to take his eyes off what Little Guy was doing.  I tried nursing him in a separate room, but if he heard even the slightest peep from Little Guy, he'd squirm to get loose and refuse to nurse anymore.  Life away from Mama was just too exciting!  He kept dropping feedings and eventually refused the breast completely.  I had hoped to nurse him for at least several more months and never dreamed he would wean himself this early, so I was really disappointed.  For one reason or another, I keep ending up with babies weaned earlier than I'd hoped.  :(  But I'm very thankful I had this sweet nursling for 11 happy months.  Shortly after weaning from the breast, he weaned from the bottle, and now drinks cow's milk from a sippy cup three times a day.  Good thing we finally made Little Guy drop that morning bottle a few weeks ago.  Ha!  Couldn't have little brother outpacing him!

Buddy Boy is as sweet as can be, and adds so much fun to our family.  I can't believe his infancy is almost over.  We are so thankful that God blessed us with you, darling boy!


Wanting What I Have said...

He is just darling! Little bit was much the same...very easily distracted, and ALWAYS wanting to see what her big brother and sister were up to. She weaned herself earlier than I'd have liked, as well. These babies! :)

Kimmie said...

he is so precious! i definitely think that is a "boy thing." isaac weaned himself from me at nine months--kept getting distracted too so i said that's it!

BettieBoyd said...

You can't drop the updates! Mama would be so upset! Besides, when you catch him, he poses so nicely. He is the most self-reliant baby. Love to all!

Laura Ann said...

He is so cute!!! Looking for like you/Little Guy with that blonde hair! I love and miss you!

Julie said...

John Fletcher looks so happy and contented in all the pictures - what a joy he is!