Friday, June 24, 2011

The Rest of Birmingham

We finished out our time in Birmingham with more visits with family and friends.  I wish I had gotten a picture with my grandmother, but a certain little boy was so unruly during our visit with her that I wasn't even able to think about taking my camera out of my purse.  Next time, ok, Wowo?  
He looks so innocent, doesn't he?  ;)

We got to spend some more time with this sweet girl, who LOVES to pose for the camera.  So cute!
 Little Guy garnered quite a following.  He who has the crackers...
 Ah, the anguish of being two!
 One of the things that I love best about taking the boys down south is the ease with which they can play outside.  Just open a door, and voila!  I could even set Buddy Boy up with his meal and let Little Guy play outside, all at the same time.  Groundbreaking for this city dwelling mama!
 And there are fun new toys to play with, too.  Even if they do come adorned in pink ruffles.
 It's all pretty grand!
After two weeks of wrangling babies in the sweltering heat and traveling by planes, trains, and automobiles, and washing mountain after mountain of dirty (and delicate) laundry, Mama and I were just worn out.  We needed a little breather in the baddest of ways, and my sweet cousin was a truly excellent relief pitcher.   She showed up with a sack full of bubble wands and paddle games and movies, and spun tales with the children about hunting lions in the "jungle" backyard.  She walked them down to the "river" and picked flowers and made sure Buddy Boy's jungle gym-lovin' self didn't get hurt.  She is awesome!  THANK YOU, cousin!
There were utility sink baths, of course.  And it made me kind of sad that these two didn't fit nearly as well as last time.  Those legs are getting loooooong!  But we'll make it work, for now.
 Again, the anguish of being two!
 We finished out the week with a fun family night at a local pizza place.
 I grew up going to this restaurant for softball team parties and birthday parties and fun nights out, and I remember loving pumping coins into these machines and just letting the pizza on the table go cold.  Some things never change.
And then it was on to Indiana...

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Aunt Cacky said...

Your cousin enjoyed EVERY minute of it!