Monday, June 20, 2011

This and That

This morning was dreary enough that I declared a stay at home-do laundry-catch up on sleep day.  Buddy Boy kindly obliged with two 2-hour+ naps.  I even took a nap myself, opened my eyes after having slept an hour, then apparently closed them again, and slept another hour.  Ah, refreshment!  Now, the boys are happily pawing through a basket of the Mister's old video game equipment, rejoicing over each controller and every game cartridge.  Boys will be boys.
I'm particularly proud of catching Buddy Boy's raspberry-blowing spray in this picture.  Now you know just what it's like to eat a meal with him.
I set Little Guy up with Play-Doh and Buddy Boy with his breakfast, while I unloaded the dishwasher.  At one point, I looked over and Little Guy was feeding Buddy Boy cookies.  Play-Doh cookies, of course.
I was taking Buddy Boy's monthly growth pictures (yes, I'm still doing that...I'm just way behind) and Little Guy insisted that he also be photographed with the bunny.
The Little Guy keeps telling me he needs to go to the doctor.  When I ask him why, he looks at me quite earnestly and just snuffles his nose repeatedly.  I've told him he's going to have to power through.
 We made a pitcher of Orange Julius in the middle of the morning, just for fun.  Little Guy would only drink about two tablespoons' worth, so I was left to finish the job by myself.  Oh, drat.
Last week, after a discussion about how God heals our bodies, Little Guy came in to show me that a scab on his knee had come off, "Mommy?  Mommy?  Wook!  Dat sure was nice!  God peeled off my boo-boo!"
We have reached that stage where the baby becomes a human hurricane, destroying all order in his path.  His favorite right now is to pull the clean bath towels out and shake them about over his head, laughing hysterically, before leaving them in a heap on the bathroom floor.  But he's also quite fond of dumping tubs of small toys and sending piles of tupperware skittering across the kitchen floor.
 And I am finding it oh so hard to say no to that scrunchy nose.  I'm also finding myself thinking, "Well, that's a wholesome activity that is unlikely to cause great injury, and I'm kind of busy right now.  Have at it, Buddy Boy!"  This is how parents get more lax as the family grows, isn't it?
Little Guy threw a can of Diet Pepsi into the kitchen the other morning.  The can spun and spun, spewing and spraying practically every drop of those 12 ounces across every single last surface of the kitchen and halfway into the (carpeted) den, and dousing the boys and me all in sticky syrup.  It's simply amazing how many tiny brown droplets can be created from one can of Diet Pepsi.
One evening last week, the boys and I strolled down to the Mister's office building, hoping to at least get a wave from his window, as is our custom.  When I called to tell him we were nearby, I asked if there was any chance he could join us for a few minutes for frozen yogurt.  He could and he did!  And I was reminded again of why we choose to live in our little apartment in the middle of downtown.  This way, we get to see Daddy sometimes.  That, and it's FUN.  The Little Guy told me the other day, "I don't want to play at Navy 'Morial today, Mommy.  'Stead, want to go check and see they have strawbies at Farmer's Market today."  He likes his city life.  :)
In this picture, Little Guy is "putting bark back on da tree, so Baby no eat it."  He's a constant protector.  If he so much as hears the rattle of a shopping bag, he calls out in his sing-songy way, "No plastic bags for Baby!" and is sure to let me know if there is a coin on the floor or if Buddy Boy is headed for the stairs.  I love how much they love each other.
 At the Sculpture Garden the other day, Little Guy asked if we "bringed dinner for the gucks."
 As soon as he started tossing bits of Ritz crackers, the ducks circled and lots of little birds began landing around him.  It was pretty funny, until he was surrounded and then I got nervous and cut 'em off.  The dangerous lives of bird feeders.
And now there are calls for another round of Simon Says, so I'd better run.  
The pool--at long last--is now open for weekday hours.  If you need us, that's where we'll be.  :)  It's summertime, y'all!


Foodiebia said...

I love this post and that last picture is hilarious!

Julie said...

Thank goodness you like to take pictures - I just can't get enough of those boys!!!

EWP said...

Yay pool! And yay to cute little baby bottoms!! :)

Anonymous said...

Great post! I love the raspberry and the baby butt picture. My son also does the raspberry while he is eating and it gets ALL over him and us! I wonder sometimes how he gets anything in when he has those moments! Great posts!

V's Mama said...

Who needs Stephanie Fisher when your photos are sooooo good??? :) Sweet post!