Monday, June 27, 2011


Memorial Day weekend, we set out for Indianapolis, along with hundreds of thousands of other people. All bound for the wedding of the Mister's cousin!  Ok, so maybe some of them were bound for that little race, but we knew what the big event of the weekend was!
The Mister with his nephews.
The Mister's grandmother has been sick and ended up being in the hospital in Indianapolis while we were there.  We got off the plane and headed straight for the hospital,  and were so thankful to get to see her for a few minutes before she went in for surgery.  Later that night, she got a visit from the bride and groom in their wedding clothes.  How awesome is that?
My niece and me.
After one missed merge, and a couple road closures, we dashed in to the church just before the bride.  We were doing the tiptoe dance across the back of the sanctuary, when the Little Guy caught on that here we were at another wedding and launched into his foolproof and time-tested get-out-of-wedding-free act...a series of very loud "Bah!"'s, which echo quite well through church chambers and only cease once we've gotten him outside.  It seems he does not care how many spankings he gets for this stunt, he simply refuses to attend weddings.
My brother- and sister-in-law.
But he loves receptions!  {"You put on that pretty, Mommy, and we dance?"}  Especially when he gets to play with cousins!
What a fun time!
We were so happy for T and M, who are a very sweet couple.
And it was great to get to spend the evening with so many family members.
The Mister's parents.
We danced.
And snuggled.
Jacob's aunt with Buddy Boy.
And tried to catch the garter!
Buddy Boy thoroughly enjoyed himself on the dance floor.
Jacob's aunt, the mother of the bride.
Dancing with his cousin!
In fact, he was still partyin' long after his brother had pooped out.
Such a happy day!  Much love to y'all, T and M!


Sara said...

Great pictures from the wedding!

BettieBoyd said...

What a happy time! You married a great-looking family, one and all! Glad to see you in your "pretty!"

Nesser said...

You pull off fun dresses so well, Elizabeth!!

The Steffens said...

1) LOVE that dress, Eliz. You look gorgeous!
2) Maybe Little Guy is saving his wedding going for his very own special day many years from now?
3) "You put on pretty and we dance?" *melt* seriously, just *melt*
4) I'm sorry about Mister's grandmother, but how nice you were able to see her and the bride and groom visited so she could see them all dressed up. Hope she's doing better.

Anonymous said...

I love your dress! The color is amazing too!

Julie said...

What fun we all had - enjoyed the pictures so much!
p.s. wish I could sleep like Andrew!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures and post. So glad you all could make it. Your boys are soooo cute!! Hope to see you all soon.

Nicole O.

Kelly said...

Wow. I am behind in the blogging world and ya'll have apparently been on the move! What fun! Enjoy your travels and all of the precious memories made :)