Thursday, November 5, 2009

On the Steps of the Capitol

What good is it living in Washington, DC, if you don't get out every once in a while and flex your political muscles?  Especially when there's something to talk about!

Michele Bachmann, a Congresswoman from Minnesota, issued a call last Friday for Americans to meet on the steps of the Capitol today to--once again--tell Congress we do not want government-run healthcare.

Since there had only been six days' notice, I thought the group would be small.  In fact, on my way over, I was concerned that I may not find it.

I need not have been concerned.

Americans care deeply about this issue!

In addition to the, I believe, 67 congressional representatives in attendance, there were a few celebrities who spoke: Mark Levin, Jon Voight, and John Ratzenberger.

I met people from states all over the nation.  People who dropped everything and came long distances, because they care so much.

Of course, some people came from just a few blocks down.  And that was good, too.

Tears welled in my eyes as we said the Pledge of Allegiance and fell down my cheeks as we sung our national anthem.

The crowd erupted in shouts of "USA, USA" and prayed together for the health of our nation.'s powerful good.

After the meeting at the Capitol, we went to make a "house call."

It was to be a sit-in, actually.  At the office of Speaker Pelosi.

However, despite the crowd of citizens wanting to see her...
...and despite the sign hung by her door...

...we weren't allowed in.  Nor were we allowed to sit.  (Seriously.)  That didn't make for a very good sit-in.  So, we had, I guess, a stand-out instead. 

We lined the hall outside Speaker Pelosi's office.  Almost without exception, it was a peaceful crowd, just asking to be heard.  Andrew and I eventually worked our way to the front of the line and stayed there for almost two hours.  There, we met some amazing people, among them a young pediatrician who said she never would have gone to medical school if she could have foreseen Obamacare.  We saw two teenage girls get arrested for yelling, "Stop killing unborn babies!"  We watched the Pelosi staff members avert their eyes and ignore us.  We cheered as other members of the House came through.  We joined in chants of "Kill the bill!" and "USA!"  But mainly, we were just there.  And it was awesome.


Julie said...

Looks like Andrew is already an activist - and dressed like a true patriot!

Ole Miss Mom said...

I LOVE his patriotic jonjon! :-)

J said...

Oh Elizabeth! Thank you for going and doing that! I wish I'd known about it...we might have dropped it all and come running! :)

Thank you all for going. Thank you, thank you. I wish I had been there!

And I am LOVIN' that smocked jon jon!

BettieBoyd said...

First baby ever to have a flag-themed smocked outfit just for his protest marches! At least Andrew got to sit in the whole time, in his stroller! Good for you, Baby Girl.Love, Mama

Rhonda Hennessy said...

Andrew is seriously the CUTEST!!! That sweet little face just makes me smile! He must meet Mary Lynne on a future trip to Birmingham :) Thank you so much for going - on behalf of the Hennessy family! What awesome/educational/memorable experiences you are having in DC! I'm so glad to be able to read about them here!