Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Pageant

See my smiling little lamb back there?
 Performing in his preschool pageant was seriously a huge accomplishment for my shy Little Guy.
Before the pageant, my friend asked whether I thought he would sing.  I told her I was still debating whether he'd stay on the stage.

Well, not only did he stay on the stage but he smiled and sang and even did hand motions!
 I was so proud of him.
There was a yawner, a nose-picker, a waver, and more than a few dazed and confused pageant participants.  Preschool is so funny!

His #1 fan spent all non-Little Guy songs rolling around the church floor and digging through my purse, where he discovered his sister's passy.  Jackpot!
Peeking through again...love seeing Little Guy conquer new things!


Jamie Helms said...

I know how HUGE this is. SOOOOO proud of him. What a BIG, AWESOME, GIGANTIC day it was!

ElissaMLF said...

Way to go Little Guy! Looks like he was enjoying himself up there!

Aunt Betty said...

Tell him I was at the mall again and Santa wanted me to tell him how VERY PROUD he was of him doing such a great job in the pageant! Tell him Aunt Betty is very proud too!

BettieBoyd said...

He looks so happy to be up there and participating!

Julie said...

What a big accomplishment for little guy - and I know how pleased and excited you must have been!

Golden Gate Fam said...

I feel like I would have been nervous to be up there - so more power to him! That's great!