Thursday, December 13, 2012

Consider These Halls Decked

Just popping in real quick to post a few pictures of the day we decked our little halls...Baby Girl's beginning to stir from her nap.

We had a play date this morning at a preschool friend's house.  Buddy Boy took the opportunity of this first-ever visit in their home to throw a bunch of game pieces into their toilet.

I'm sure we'll be invited back very soon.  ;)

The most fun thing about pulling out the Christmas decorations was that Little Guy kept finding ornaments he remembered from last year and reminding me of where we placed decorations in our old apartment.  His childhood Christmas memories are beginning!

Our tiny, artificial, bottom-heavy Christmas tree, chock full of love!


BettieBoyd said...

What a beauiful tree! And Jacob's star is so perfect! So happy to see my darlings decorating it. PS--Don't cut their hair! It is so pretty. Love, Mama

Julie said...

That little tree is just bursting with love - it's perfect!