Monday, October 29, 2012

Frankenstorm Survival Ideas

Do you find yourself in Frankenstorm's path?  Do you find yourself worrying less about the proper number of flashlights and the location of your battery-operated radio, and more about how to maintain sanity and good cheer with a house full of small, homebound children in the days to come?  No outdoor play, no school, no Metro trips, possibly no are a few of the ideas I plan to pull out.

Play with small trucks and cars in a roasting pan of dried beans.
Write the alphabet on a sheet of paper and glue rice along the outline of the letters.
Cut up cereal boxes into tiny pieces.
Bust out the watercolors.
Write letters/ make cards for grandparents and friends.
Learn how to address an envelope and stamp it for mailing.
Find all the less-read books in the house and read them.
Play with soap bubbles in the sink.
Take a recreational bath with pool toys or a bucket of Legos.
Squirt some shaving cream on the wall of the tub for finger painting.
Take videos of the children and watch them on the playback screen.
Conduct foot races in the hallway.
Learn a new song to sing together.
Do jumping jacks, push-ups, sit-ups, and stretches together.
Make a trail mix of sweet, salty, and crunchy foods you have around the house.
Go through wedding albums, baby books and old pictures.
Use new tools with play dough--dull knives, forks, child scissors, chop sticks, cookie cutters.
Build a hideout under the dining room table and invite the stuffed animals for a campout.
Carve pumpkins.
Stick pipe cleaners through a collander's holes.
String noodles on yarn or a pipe cleaner.
Sort buttons.
Blow up balloons and bat them around.
Make an obstacle course with chairs, stools, blankets, and tables.
please add your ideas in the comments!


BettieBoyd said...

Make-believe costumes maybe?

Virginia said...

ooh ooh I have one: call a good friend in bham!! :) That is such a cute list! You're a good mama! Y'all have fun & we'll be praying for safety & sanity!

Sara said...

To use with cars, make masking tape parking lots, roads, and cities!! I haven't tried this but want to on the next day we are indoors. Good luck!!!

Aunt Betty said...

Make cupcakes now buy icing in tubs if possible and food coloring. Decorate and eat cupcakes. I guess you are not quite ready to teach them the joys of " Ring and Run" : )

Allison said...

Thank you! You just bought me so many hours of fun with our two little ones. We spent the morning with our friend Pandora sharing a serious dance party. She is one of our favorite bad weather friends.

The Steffens said...

You are so creative. How is the home boundness going? My favorite is cutting up cereal boxes into tiny pieces. haha, who doesn't love that?! :)