Monday, October 22, 2012


The Mister ran the Army Ten Miler this weekend.
The forecast for the day was pretty chilly, and the Mister had just about convinced me over the previous few days that hitting the cheer lines would be too rough on Baby Girl.  But as he walked out the door for the race that morning, he handed me a course map, pointed out an intersection, and predicted he'd be passing by there at 8:50 AM, just in case we changed our minds.

Permission granted.

Mission accepted.

A lot of frenzied bundling and two train rides later, we were in place to cheer on our favorite runner!
Seven miles in and he's all smiles and thumbs up!
 That's my Mister!
He finished in 75:57, several minutes faster than his goal time.  Even with a stop to dole out four kisses!


Julie said...

We're so proud of the Mister - hope he looked as good at the end of the race as he did at the 7 mile pt!

BettieBoyd said...

Of course he had to stop and kiss everybody!! Such a sweet-natured racer.

Wanting What I Have said...

That's so fun!!! I know it must've meant a lot to have y'all there cheering him on!

Aunt Betty said...

Go Jacob! Very impressive.

Jamie Helms said...

I love your family. Every person, every puzzle piece, every sweet morsel! Goooo Mister, go!