Wednesday, May 16, 2012


He looked up at me with his trusting eyes and his clear voice:

God was right.  I do want you for my mommy.

And I added it to my collection of little treasures.

Those tiny pieces of their childhoods that I take an extra moment to enjoy, hoping somehow that I can will myself to remember them always, just as they were.  

I filed Little Guy's sweet profession right between my other treasures of the week: a thought picture of the way Buddy Boy gives kisses right now, poking his bottom lip out and humming softly, and the contented feeling of napping with Baby Girl, her warm self snuggled under my arm, my chin resting on her head and downy tufts of hair tickling my nose.


Leslie said...

Melts my heart! :)

The Cagles said...

But... are you REALLY all on your own now?