Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Bathing Beauty

Look who woke up for a bath!  3 weeks old and it's only her second time to be submerged.  Guess this is why third children are so easygoing!
Baby Girl fully indulges in her beauty rest {no complaints here!}, so a peak at those pretty blue peepers is a treat.  Her brothers go absolutely wild if they spot her eyes open!  Seriously.  They jump up and down and point and wave at her and call everyone in the house over to admire her.  She is cherished.
I was thankful to have my mother-in-law there to help.  There's nothing like bathing a newborn to make you nervous.  Except maybe clipping their fingernails.  That's worse.  But bathing their slippery selves is pretty bad.
And I think Baby Girl enjoyed her snuggles with Grandma!


Aunt Betty said...

She is soooooo beautiful!!!! The beauty rest is really working : ) I don't think she looks like A or JF is will be so fun to watch and see how her beauty developes. Love to you all.

BettieBoyd said...

See how her little personality is developing! She is looking right at you and Julie both in these pics! Wish I were there, lots of love!

Leslie said...

She is precious! I laughed reading Aunt Betty's post because I think she looks very much like both of the boys! :)

The York Family said...

She's beautiful! A fun tip I've learned at work is while you're feeding sweet baby, you can gently bite her nails...they're so fragile right now anyways. Sounds weird, but it's probably way safer than using clippers. I learned that from multiple sets of my NICU parents :)

Katherine @ eggton said...

I love that little belly she has! So cute.