Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Just Ten More Days

We're at T minus ten days to baby.  And my hard-working Mister will be out of town for the next nine of those days!  Cases do go to trial at the darnedest of times.

I was really dreading the what if? of early labor and an out-of-town Mister, but thanks to the glorious maternals in our life, I won't be alone now.  My sweet mother-in-law is coming tomorrow for a few days' visit and then Mama arrives for the long-haul.  A dear friend is on notice for middle of the night phone calls and the rescue of small boys.  So, I feel confident I will not be taxiing alone to the hospital for an emergency C-section.  And that, my friends, is quite a relief.

However, I have no desire to deliver this baby without her Daddy beside me {not to mention that he's pretty interested in being there, too!}, so there are no bumpy car rides or long walks on my agenda for the next nine days!  Baby Girl's gotta stay in that slow cooker.
The boys seem prepared, although the length of gestation is beginning to wear on Little Guy.  He'd been eagerly anticipating the arrival of April and once we explained that, even though it is April now, we still have to wait a bit longer, he said, "It sure is taking a loooooong day."  Really, I couldn't agree more.

If you ask Buddy Boy where the baby is, he'll point adamantly to himself.  {And how right he is!}  But when we call her by name, he's willing to give a few sweet pats to my tummy.  He also really likes the look of her pacifier stash.  We'll see how this goes!  ;)
I've reached the point where shoes involving shoelaces are completely out of the question.  I frequently wonder whether my ribs will survive the beating Baby Girl gives them.  I've altogether abandoned the Metro in favor of taxi rides.  Even my largest maternity shirts are beginning to ride up.  And although I have a lot of babysitting help right now, I still find myself worn slap out at the end of each day.

But...Baby Girl's drawers are full of tiny sleepers and delicate gowns are hanging in wait.  A stack of newborn diapers sits beside the changing table and the Boppy has been resurrected.  With a few finishing touches by the Mister when he gets back from trial, we'll be all set.  

Just ten more days, Baby Girl--ten more days!--until I can snuggle your sweetness.


Julie said...

Can't wait for all the excitement -see y'all tomorrow!!!

ErinWB said...

It must be so exciting to be so close!! Can't wait to meet the little lady ;) You're in our thoughts and prayers.
Erin Wilcox Burns

Eleanor said...

Can't wait to "meet" her and hear her name! Glad you will have help over the next 10 days!!

ElissaMLF said...

Wow, crazy timing -- where is the trial? Thank goodness for your MIL and your mama. Wishing all the best over the next ten days -- and beyond -- and can't wait to meet your baby girl in three weeks (so long as mine agrees to stay put)!