Monday, March 26, 2012


I've been released from bed rest {woohoo!} and all is going well with Baby Girl {double woohoo!}.  We're at 35 weeks now.  My C-section is scheduled for 39 weeks, so the countdown is ON.
Anytime Little Guy starts practicing his handstands, Buddy Boy whips out his moves, too.  He usually gives himself a hearty round of applause in this position, before somersaulting over.
Mama is staying through the week, so I can continue to take it easy and cook Baby Girl to perfection.  She is such a tremendous help to me, and the boys love her so.
This weekend, we did a fruit basket turnover of the apartment to get ready for increased occupancy.  The Mister moved just about every piece of furniture we own.  Now, there are spots for both the baby and our sweet, care-taking mothers.  I hope to get some pictures of the new arrangement soon!
'Sagna night was a hit!  Thank goodness for OxiClean.
The drawers in the changing table are cleared for Baby Girl's clothes, and I can't wait to fill them up all pink and white.  There are bloomers and bows and a bonnet I'm just aching to use.
As long as the boys have shared a room, we've staggered their bedtimes.  We put Buddy Boy down first, and Little Guy down about 30 minutes later, and they ordinarily did not wake one another {at least not at that moment}.   However, after a few nights recently of Buddy Boy still being awake when we took Little Guy to bed, he caught on that big brother was getting to stay up later.  For the next few nights, he just cried and cried until Little Guy was brought to bed, whereupon he'd roll over and go peacefully to sleep.  So, we've settled on a joint bedtime and the boys just love it.  Little Guy is less fearful at bedtime now, and Buddy Boy is jubilant that he's one of the big boys.  Last night, they were just howling and chattering after we'd left the room.  My first inclination was to go knock it off, but then I thought, this is the good stuff.  Ten minutes later, they were both happily asleep.
Oh, and in other sleep developments, Little Guy's nap has largely been abandoned in favor of solid nighttime sleep.  Something had to change {'cuz 4 AM wakeups are no fun for anyone}, but we are definitely mourning the nap.  "Rest time" just doesn't have the same potency.
Things are busy.  Things are happy.  Life is good.


Julie said...

Sounds like things have fallen "or moved" into place just in time for baby #3!

Golden Gate Fam said...

Hooray! I'm glad you are off bed rest and everyone is doing well!