Monday, February 13, 2012

Onward and Upward

The Mister was home with us again this weekend.  I could quickly get used to this, but I'm trying not to, because he's already warned me about his workload in the months ahead.  So, just enjoying the moment.  Enjoying him.
The only time we've been on a vacation or getaway, just the two of us, was our honeymoon.  I've never spent a night away from Buddy Boy and the only nights I've spent away from Little Guy are nights I've spent in the hospital.
Each time we've had a baby, we've found ourselves treating it like a little vacation for the two of us.  We just revel in the togetherness of it.  And then the Mister changes another poopy diaper and I wince in great pain of some sort.  But seriously, it's awesome.  And I'm really looking forward to our April getaway.
I'm a little worn down right now.  Feeling tired and overwhelmed.  Wishing there were some perfect instruction manual to motherhood, tailored to meet the needs of our specific family.
We're having some major, major, MAJOR discipline problems right now.  We're talking hitting, biting, screaming fits of defiance, that have forced us to leave every place we've gone in the last several days, and prevented us from even attempting others.  It's frustrating and it's defeating.
And it's cramping our style.
 But we'll just keep trudging.
 Onward and upward.
And hoping this means we'll breeze through the teen years!


Aunt Betty said...

Smile on the inside when this is is all signs of intellegence! You two brainyacs have very smart children with minds of their own.

BettieBoyd said...

Aunt Betty's comment is so positive! Good idea, smiling on the inside! PS--Don't forget your ski trip to John and Yarra's place! Guess that was your honeymoon continued. I am so glad you are willing to regard the four-day hospital stay with surgical delivery as a "trip away for the two of you!" Love, Mama

Mom Taylor said...

The challenging days make you appreciate the sweet, loving moments all the more. Without the contrast, they wouldn't be as sweet! (And, yes, this really does prepare you for the teenage years!) And always remember, love them the most when they deserve it the least--you will always reap the rewards for simply doing that.
Love, Aunt Sally (AKA Been There, Done That)

The Steffens said...

Okay, lady, you MUST take a vacation. Make it your 2012 resolution!

Confessions said...

Bless you, Elizabeth! I understand your grief over the behavior. Somedays I cry over it. And then I pray for sufficient grace...and GOd always shows up. You are a wonderful mother and your boys are so fortunate to have yoU!