Friday, February 10, 2012

A February Five O'Clocker

This winter has been so strangely warm.  One afternoon last week, I decided the temps were high enough that we could even indulge in the tradition we ordinarily reserve for the warmer months...our five o'clock stroll.  It's never too long or too elaborate, just a way to break up the time between naps and bed.  My escape from the witching hours.
 We headed down to the National Mall, where we found an empty bench near the carousel.
We've never actually ridden the carousel.  We just watch other people ride. And, really, I think they enjoy that more.
 We ate bagels.
 We threw balls.
 And we hung around until Little Guy suggested that "we head on up to some place warm now."
It was really nice.


BettieBoyd said...

That was a nice afternoon! They look like such big ballplayers in these pictures. Love!

ElissaMLF said...

Maybe when we visit in May we can take a ride on the carousel... Carousel rides are one of Amelia's most favorite things ever!

Julie said...

Looks like spring - Cherry Blossoms must be right around the corner!