Wednesday, February 29, 2012

18 Feats at 18 Months

At the ripe old age of eighteen months, Buddy Boy can...

Jump on the trampoline.

Use a fork and spoon very well, and manipulate a dinner knife two-handedly.

Pantomime like nobody's business.  He's still not talking, but he sure can tell a story.

Sign his way through whatever he can't pantomime.  World's most communicative non-talker ever.

Make animal noises for dogs, lions, cows, and cats.

Drain a yogurt smoothie in 3 seconds flat.

Sit in a big boy chair at the dinner table.  After weeks of vehement protests (on his part), I finally let him move to a booster seat.  After two days of vehement protests of the booster seat, I let him sit in a big chair.  He's just not happy, unless it's just like brother.

Brush his teeth.

Navigate almost all playground equipment by himself.

Ride a small tricycle.

Throw, catch, and kick balls pretty decently.

Follow multi-step commands.

Take out the bathroom trash on the daily trash trip by the Snodgrass men.

Knock on a door and wait until given permission to open it.  He could teach his brother a thing or two about that!

Fetch a wipe or towel to clean up his spills, without being prompted, and then take the wipe to the trash or the towel to the laundry.

Build with Legos.
Yes, he had some help here, silly.

Climb.  Climb.  Climb.

Play Hide and Seek.  He's a very good Seeker, but as the Hider, he's got room for improvement.  His chuckles give him away every last time.

He's our Buddy Boy, and we love him so!

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BettieBoyd said...

SO SMART!! He is a wonder. Sets the pace for his class! Love, Impartial Grandmudder

Julie said...

Loved the last picture of him! What a delightful 18 month old he is!