Sunday, June 27, 2010

Andrew at 18 Months

18 Things the Little Guy Can Do at 18 Months
1. Identify buses, taxis, firetrucks, ambulances, motorcycles, helicopters, airplanes, and trains by sound or sight and call most of them by name.

2. Be a daredevil.
3. Climb the steps to unlock and open our front door, walk to the elevator bank, climb the chair railing to push the elevator call buttons, and, once inside, swipe the security fob.  Thank goodness that Lobby button is out of reach just yet, or he may head off on some adventures of his own! (Don't worry, grands, I have to open the baby gate at the bottom of the steps to initiate all this!)

4. Use a fork and spoon moderately well.
5. But sometimes he still prefers his hands.
6. Say about 75 words and use about 10 signs.  Sometimes he'll string 2 signs together (like "more please" or "help please"), but I've only heard him verbally string together "see bus" and "car go."

7. Run fast.
8. Climb.  Everything.  But, thankfully, it doesn't seem to have occurred to him to climb his crib or the playpen.  He's pretty happy in both those spots (due to Babywise training in the crib and Sesame Street in the playpen), so he just hangs out.

9. Steal the ball.  And engage in a little friendly taunting.
10. Make requests for all kinds of activities, mostly by signing: the spider hands for Itsy Bitsy Spider; hands on both shoulders for Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes; hands clasped to say the blessing (which he requests throughout the day, like, often while we're swimming at the pool or when I put him down to sleep); hand on one shoulder to make the sign of the cross; toes extended for This Little Piggy; patting my knees to sit in my lap; directing my hand to touch something he wants explained; bringing us books to read.  He's constantly communicating, even if it isn't all with words.

11. Earn scraped knees.
12. And scraped noses.
13. Tip the scales at a whopping 21 pounds, 8 ounces.  This puts him at the 4th percentile, but his height of 32 1/2 inches is holding steady at the 50th percentile, so the doctor says there is no reason to worry about his growth.  He's just a thin little guy.  But packed full of muscles and plenty robust!

14. Order off the kids' menu.  We've (at last) kissed baby food goodbye.  He's still not great with meats or a lot of textures, but he loves cheese, fruit, and bread.  Every time the refrigerator is opened, he expectantly says, "cheese?  cheese?" and refers lovingly to all fruits as "peach."
15. Open all the doors in the house and some of the "babyproof" latches.  Eek!

16. Wear size 4 diapers and 18 month clothes, with a bit of room to grow in each.

17. Write.  With some help from Daddy.
18. Make us laugh all the time!  We love you, little guy!


BettieBoyd said...

He has such pretty legs! I just love his running picture! Also please note that although you have to open that gate, he was able to show me how to open it!

Aunt Cacky said...


J said...

Happy 18 month birthday little guy!!!

Julie said...

And still just as adorable as ever!