Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Other Things We Did in Birmingham

Played airplanes with Daddy in the backyard.
 Learned how to work an iPad with Gaga.  And got, perhaps, a little bit obsessed with Angry Birds.
 Took pretend naps after bath time.
 With lots of calls for the repositioning of blankets and "toesies covered."
 Hung out in Gaga's big chair.
 Big enough for three.
 Watched youtube Nativity plays with Gr'Mudder.
 And climbed the walls.
Many thanks to my ever patient, most tolerant, totally welcoming parents for a fabulous stay in Birmingham!


The Cagles said...

I think I see a safety infraction!

Julie said...

I've never seen BB with her feet up! (I hope she got a few minutes of well deserved rest!)