Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Morn

This is bound to be the last year that our children are at least somewhat oblivious to the excitement of Christmas morning.  When Little Guy woke and wandered into our room, I whispered "Merry Christmas!" and expected that to open up the floodgates of excitement.  But all he said was, "I huuuuungry.  I want bagel and cream cheese."  So, off we went to the kitchen.
And waited about another hour for the rousing of Buddy Boy, who also turned out to be huuuungry, for shredded wheat.
So, we had a very peaceful early morning, and when I just about couldn't stand it anymore, I went and woke up my parents to join us.  Their grandchildren may be oblivious, but their daughter's not!
And, oh, was it exciting!
The scooter was Little Guy's Santa gift, and it was a HUGE hit.  He goes everywhere on that thing.  To the bathroom, to the kitchen, down to get the mail.  Everywhere.
Santa brought Buddy Boy a long-awaited Bla Bla doll.  My cousins actually gave Buddy Boy a Bla Bla doll when he was born, along with a collection of Curious George stories for Little Guy as a big brother present.  Well, Little Guy loved both the gifts so very much that, without our even realizing it, he adopted Buddy Boy's Bla Bla doll as his lovey, and has slept with him every night since.  For months now, Buddy Boy's been loving on that Bla Bla doll whenever he's gotten the chance, so I guess it was pretty clear to Santa that Buddy Boy needed one of his own--to keep!  It's been a great success.
Mama had her traditional Christmas morning brunch, with the members of the family willing to get out on Christmas morning and come visiting. She served her best menu yet...pineapple upside down bundt cake, gingerbread, breakfast casserole, ambrosia, and sweet rolls.  Yum!
 We were so glad when my niece showed up for a little cousin fun on Christmas morning.
 And brought her parents, too!
Buddy Boy experienced the classic wrapping paper stuck to the bottom of your foot problem.
 And Little Guy let us all know that he was uninterested in family photos.
 It was a really great Christmas morn!


Jamie Helms said...

I am most impressed (but not surprised) that the only two dressed for the day are the two latest-risers of the group! Looks like a fun Christmas morning!

The Cagles said...

I LOVE that An-ew is on his scooter for the picture! :)

Julie said...

Yeah - I've been waiting for these pictures since Christmas!!

Wanting What I Have said...

That makes me SO happy that bla bla has been such a hit!!! :)