Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Last 5 Years (in Photographs)

We got married, on a beautiful, 74 degree day in January.  We were so happy.
We honeymooned in St. Thomas.
We graduated from law school, left Charlottesville, moved to the lake house, studied for the Bar, moved to DC, started working, and were admitted to the Bar.
We found out Little Guy was on his way!

Our family of two became a family of three.
We saw the Inauguration.
We learned how to nurse babies and change diapers on public lands.
We survived Snowmageddon.
We found out Buddy Boy was on his way!
Our family of three became a family of four.
We had more snow.
We got into the groove of life with two.
We found out Baby Girl is on her way.

And, last night, we celebrated five years of marriage with a wonderful, romantic evening out.  We'll just  ignore the fact that I came home and promptly threw up my dinner.  ;)

These five years have been the most wonderful of my life.  It has been a wild, exhilarating ride, and I'm so thankful I've gotten to spend it beside my Mister.  I love you!


The Cagles said...


Aunt Betty said...

Soooo your 5 for 5!!!! Good job! Love you all

Jamie Helms said...

Happy anniversary, you two. How thankful I am that my best friend married such a wonderful man who takes such loving care of the best girl I know!! Cheers to the next five years! :)

Emily said...

Congratulations on 5 years! Love the recap in pictures! The picture of you two on your wedding day is absolutely beautiful and I can tell how happy you were!!

Julie said...

Happy 5th Anniversary! Y'all are a photogenic family - thanks for the recap!

Confessions said...

yay for 5 years!! happy anniversary!

kbb said...

Happy Anniversary and yay for little girls! They are so so much fun!