Friday, October 14, 2011

Safety, Sanity, Pickles, and Skinny Jeans

The exterminator came this afternoon to check a trap he'd left under the dishwasher and, lo and behold, it seems House Mouse nibbled at the bait and--thankfully--left the apartment to meet his early demise.  I am glad to have evidence now that:
Firstly, I did not, as I had considered the possibility of several times, hallucinate the mouse sighting.
Secondly, ding dong, the mouse is dead, the mouse is dead, the mouse is dead!
Sanity and safety, folks.  I have my exterminator to thank for those.
In a throwback to my pregnancy with Little Guy, I've been moving through Claussen pickles 3/4 of a jar at a time.  Only Claussen, "never heated, from vine to jar in 8 days," kosher dills will do.  Don't even think about offering me a Vlasic.  I've also been doing some pretty heavy work on a Costco-size bag of Clementines.  But really, this is so much better than the Nutty Buddy Bars I've been known to devour before.
The boys continue to get sweeter and sweeter to one another.  Last night at bedtime, I presented Buddy Boy to Little Guy for their regular goodnight hugs and kisses.  Buddy Boy burrowed his face into Little Guy's chest and Little Guy kissed Buddy Boy's hand.  And then, while stroking his little brother's cheek, said "Dis is my sweet baby brudder.  I lub him.  I don't want him to lose us.  He's a sweet baby boy."  As a parent, I'm just not sure it gets much better than that.
I've been searching for some cute tan boots and a pair of maternity skinny jeans {oxymoronic, I know} to wear underneath them.  I finally found the perfect ones and ordered them the other day.  Last night, the Mister came home and--prompted, I believe, by a pass-through of our somewhat yuppy/somewhat hipster, frou-frou farmers' market-- regaled me with a list of his pet peeves, which included:
1. cupcake shops
2. "artisinal," as used to describe gelato, bread, candles, and soap
3. guys in skinny jeans
4. girls in skinny jeans {!!!}
I asked hopefully, "What about if those skinny jeans are worn underneath boots?"
He, apparently not picking up on my hopeful tone, said, "Yeah, you can add that to the list, too."

So, I guess I've got my outfit for girls' night out.


BettieBoyd said...

I would send the jeans and boots back. If your Texas guy prefers cowboy boots and the boot-cut jeans to go with, that's better. Besides, skinny jeans are unflattering!

Leslie said...

Lol! sounds like your mom has a favorite Snodgrass and it isn't you! ;)

The Steffens said...

WHAT??? What does he have against women in skinny jeans? I think it's a great maternity look. balances out the big belly :)

V's Mama said...

You could totally pull them off, buuuuut... who on earth would go against your dear mother's advice? Send 'em back and get some cowgirl boots (with a bit of a higher heel, hehe)!

EMILY said...

Just catching up on my blogs... congrats... numero tres... I am soooo excited for ya'll!!!

April said...

I LOVE your blog!!! I just got some maternity skinny jeans, too! :) Hope my Texan husband likes them :) Oh you always have the most wonderful thoughts and perspective on being a mom and and cherishing your kids and being full of thankfulness for them...I get so grouchy about it all when I'm pregnant these days!!! I am so thankful for you!!!!

mee-how google said...

what is the snodgrass you speaking of? i dont understand english, please in mandarin chinese! or gapanese.
where is this barty? ami invitationized or cangratulationized? i just have baby, thank you very much dood
goodbye gud days and health for you and all za snodgrass!