Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Apple Pickin'

After the great success of our day trip to the farm, I was itching to recreate the outdoorsy family fun.  A Facebook query for good apple orchards led us to Homestead Farm in Poolesville, Maryland.  It was another weekend for the books blog.
 First up: the petting farm.

 Where everybody got together the guts to do a little petting.  Even me!

And where this lovely sheep so very kindly performed for us.

Then, it was on to the orchard!
It being the end of apple season, all the trees were bare--except the Pink Ladies.  Those apples being my absolute favorite, I was pleased as punch!
No ladder needed.
 Just a He-Man Daddy.
This sweet child was so proud of his apple picking system, and followed it quite precisely.
1. Spot an apple with a sufficient amount of pink.
2. Point it out to Mama and Daddy.
3. Check for brown spots, holes, or splits.
4. Twist and PULL!
And that's how you end up with 10 pounds of delicious apples!
After picking our apples, we enjoyed a picnic lunch, and then a hayride out to the pumpkin patch.
 Buddy Boy chose our pumpkin.
 And then I smuggled it home for us.  {Whoa!  The baby bump has arrived!}
Sunshine, crisp air, exercise, fun, the four of us all together.  It was a truly perfect day.


Eggton said...

Hi Elizabeth! This looks lovely. They're gorgeous. I have such fond memories of apple-picking when I was a kid. I am really looking forward to reading more of your blog.

ElissaMLF said...

You and baby #3 are looking good! And apple-picking is such fun. Glad you all enjoyed it!

BettieBoyd said...

This is an activity you never got to have in your Deep South childhood. The boys look so confident with the animals and the crops both! And the Bumpette looks just lovely on your slim self! Love, Mama

Foodiebia said...

You look amazing! Sounds like a wonderful day for the family.

Sara said...

Love the bump! You look great!!

Julie said...

Another picture perfect weekend - y'all look fantastic!

Leslie said...

You look beautiful! Looks like a fun day! :)

Aunt Betty said...

when do we get to find out if that pumpkin bump is a boy or a girl? I hope you are making applesauceand apple butter with some of those.

Eleanor said...

Apple picking sounds wonderful!! And you look gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

E! Cograts on #3!!! We grew up apple picking. So very fnu!! Love yall! -Ruthie

Morris Middleton said...

Somebody sign that sheep!!! Why, he bleated right on cue!!! Needs a Hollywood agent, doesn't he?