Monday, September 26, 2011

You Might Be a City Kid If

You might be a city kid if...

~you learned to identify numbers by punching elevator buttons.

~your greatest childhood fear is "dark, dark" subway tunnels.

~there's an ice cream truck parked on your corner.  And the next the corner.  And the next corner.

~all the grass you play in is publicly owned.

~your mailbox comes with a key.

~you think trees grow on roofs just as easily as on land.

~you and your brother are celebrated for garnering HOV lane access.

~you wield a Metro card with more dexterity than the tourists.

~you can count on one hand the number of bug bites you've had in your lifetime.

~you expect to be serenaded by street musicians on your afternoon strolls.

~you've been commissioned to be the family's official parking spot spotter.

~your mother lets you play baseball and ride a bike indoors.

~you think every problem can be fixed by the resident maintenance man.

And, you might be a city kid if...
~your version of the old song goes, "Frere Jacques, Frere Jacques, doorman vous?  doorman vous?"


The Cagles said...


Julie said...

Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning - cute!

Emily said...

Such a cute post!! Love yalls city life!

Laura said...

haha! these are all great, elizabeth!

Aunt Cacky said...

That last one had me laughing out loud!

Aunt Betty said...

You are so clever I love your post. I check for them, oh, maybe three times a day. That either makes me addicted or a stalker....Yikes. Love you all

BettieBoyd said...

Your city kids know all the ropes! Even revolving doors!

EWP said...

ahhahah LOVE the song lyrics. That Andrew is so clever :)

Morris Middleton said...

Doorman vous? YOU need an agent too -- right along with that bleating-on-cue sheep in Maryland! Great writing, Elizabeth!