Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Rest of the Beach Trip

It seems I'm going to have to just let the pictures tell the story of the rest of our time at the beach, otherwise I'll be drafting beachy blog posts, while wearing wool sweaters.  We gotta move along here!

A few more shots from our family photo shoot.

 Buddy Boy's first taste of the Gulf, guided by Gaga.
 Bathing beauties.

 My brother's fam.
 Don't worry; we grabbed her.
 Ahhhhhhhh, sunset at the beach.
 Father-son hand-walking.
 My Mama and me.
 This baby looooooves the sand.  Equally good for playing and eating.
 A rare picture of the two of us!
 Little Guy jumping in the morning sun.
 One of the 4-foot cranes we saw each morning.
 Taking his first steps.
 Watching the {very active, very numerous} dolphins.
 That was a great trip.


Julie said...

Yeah - I've been anxiously awaiting the rest of the photos - and they were spectacular!

Foodiebia said...

Great photos, as always!

Wanting What I Have said...

I am ALL smiles reading! What a beautiful family and what WONDERFUl pictures! LOVE the one of you and Jacob and the one of Andrew jumping in the morning sun - oh, and of the sunset. AMAZING. SO fun and beautiful!

The Cagles said...

Those are some of your best yet! And LOVE the picture of the two of y'all!

Kimmie said...

as always, beautiful photos. i need some photography lessons. want to fly down here and show me? :)

Morris Middleton said...

Wonderful vacation! Charles needs a shave. BB looks like a movie star!!!

Morris Middleton said...

(And that's mama BB, I'm saying....)