Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Lotta B-Ball and a Li'l Playground

One of the city rec centers nearby has a great playground and basketball gym, and rarely anyone using either.
 The boys love it!
And thank goodness, there's always a grubby basketball to be found somewhere.   And a chair, for a little extra floor-to-hoop elevation.
Would I have ever let my first child crawl all over a filthy gym floor?  Never!  Would I ever try to keep my second child from doing just that?  Never!
I think Little Guy fancies himself a first-rate player.  Although the net hangs far above his head, and his shots fall quite short, he is very earnest in telling me that he "aaaaaaaaallllllllMOST" got it.  Every time. I love his determination.
And when shooting hoops proves too frustrating, there's always the ol' PE class favorite...rolling the ball back and forth.  Just about the only game I'm much good at.  {And here, my family members and close friends, are doubtless thinking of my years in remedial gym.  I'll have to tell y'all about that another time.}
 I could not be more thankful that my boys seem to have inherited their father's athletic talents.
 I'll stick to tinkering with photographs.  ;)


Julie said...

I think both boys will be star athletes - determination is a big part of it!

Laura said...

there is such a thing as remedial gym?!?! and love your comment about the difference b/t first and second children. =)

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