Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sooooo....Where Were We?

We're home again, home again, jiggety jig.  And I've got 1, 393 photos in my computer's May 2011 folder, so just hold onto your seats.  There's gonna be some pictures up in this place.

First things first, our little family hopped a plane to Michigan for the wedding of one of our dear law school friends.  The weekend doubled as an awesome opportunity to get to love on all the little babies that have been born in our friend group in the last couple of years.

You may remember this one from our trip to Boston last year.  She's just a few months older than Little Guy, so they were insta-buddies.  
 She's got a little sister now, who is just a week younger than Buddy Boy!
Then, there were these sweet girls, the newest additions to the crop.

 It was a baby bonanza.
We got in town on Friday, so we could have extra time to hang out with everyone, and enjoyed a fun dinner out with the whole crew.  Saturday, we had a tot swim in the hotel pool and lunch in our friends' suite before gearing up for the wedding.
Which was sweet and beautiful in every way.
And which was the site of the Little Guy's very first dinner date.  Crayons included.
 Such a joy to catch up with awesome friends!
And enjoy our boys, all at the same time.
One certain two-year old had somewhat of an obsession with the trombone that night.  As we were leaving the wedding, he spotted the player walking through the parking lot and called out "Trombone!!!"  I'm kind of thinking that may have been the trombonist's very first streetside call out!

Must have had a thing for self portraits that weekend.  Little Guy?  Not so much.  Or, maybe he just wished I'd get him to the potty already.
The whole weekend was a blast, and I am so glad we were able to go.
Yes, I did indeed put that Ergo on with my cocktail dress.  How else is a girl to dance, once baby falls asleep?
I'd been a little stressed about all the travel and the nights in the hotel, but it went just fine.  All the activities of the weekend kept the kiddos so sleep deprived that they just crashed.  And the hotel arcade made a great escape for the Mister and Little Guy during Buddy Boy's morning naps.
Plus, they had really cool mirrors.  ;)
I've been slowly learning that sometimes, you've just got to do it and not worry about how it will all work out.  Because either it will or it won't, but it usually does, and regardless, you'll be glad you did it.

So, with that thought firmly in my head, I took my first ever solo flight with two babies.  While the Mister headed back to DC for a week of work, we were on to Birmingham...


BettieBoyd said...

What is that thing on JF's head in the mirror?

Foodiebia said...

Everyone looks great, and it looks like a wonderful wedding. So sad I couldn't make it!

V's Mama said...

Yay for being back in the blogging world!!!

Confessions said...

have i mentioned how much i LOVE your hair? it looks SO good!! i'm loving the self portraits because it lets me see that hair even more!! :)

Anna said...

I love, love, love all the pictures - all the babies are so sweet. I only wish we had gotten to spend more time with everyone. I am SO happy y'all came all the way to Michigan - it meant so much to us! Yay for adorable babies/toddlers and wonderful friends!