Friday, June 3, 2011

A Birmingham Interlude

Thanks to gummy fruit snacks and mini cans of play-doh, the boys and I survived our solo flight, landing safely in Birmingham in the middle of the night, owing to many weather delays!
 It was business as usual at the Gaga and Gr'Mudder's house.  {We set out to have the children call my mother Gr'Mama, but my niece adopted "Mudder" and the Little Guy soon followed suit, so now I'm pushing for Gr'Mudder.  We'll see...}

Cousins to wrassle.
 Yards to explore.
Nieces to adore.
Grandfathers to enjoy.
Plus, a fun visit with my grandmother, aunt, and youngest cousin.
And a bounce house from a truly great great-aunt!
Thank goodness, the Little Guy's behavior, which had been about to do me in, immediately took a turn for the better, once we were down south.  A change of pace and scenery does everyone good.  What a relief for us all!

And just in time for the next set of wedding festivities...


The Steffens said...

Congrats on surviving your first solo flight with the two boys!

And yay behavior changes in Bham!

BettieBoyd said...

The babies magically make my whole house and yard more photogenic! Wish you were here to decorate it still! Love, Mama