Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Last Week

Last week, my oldest friend came to visit us with the younger of her little girls. 
She and I have been friends since the first grade, when we were assigned to be locker mates.
Now we're doing this whole mama thing simulateneously, and I am so glad to have her continuing friendship.  She's a good mama, and she's almost two years farther into the journey than I, so I get to cheat off her paper.  :)
We had such a great time with our visitors!  Little Guy showed his bud around all his favorite stompin' grounds.

And Buddy Boy provided lots of interest for this little nurturing soul.
We hit up the museums.
We played on the Mall.
We called on the President.
{Really, that was just for the children's benefit.  They were dying to go.}
We spent hours at home, just talking...reminiscing, relating, relishing the the time together.  We shared sweet treats during every naptime.  We bathed babies and pushed strollers and changed diapers.  All the ordinary stuff, but somehow so much more fun when done together.  We hired a babysitter and went out for a girls' night of wine and cheese and Oscar Wilde at the theatre down the street.  We later learned that the babysitter had to have the Mister rescue her from the unending cryfest.  We strategized about how to get 3 adults and 3 babies to sleep in a 2-bedroom apartment.  And by the end of the visit, we had it down pat.
{this was not how we did it!}
We just generally had a grand ol' time.  And we're missing them something terrible this week!


V's Mama said...

The sweetest post... Virginia... a tried and true AWESOME friend! :) I LOVE that you went to the theater together! And umm... did someone in DC purchase a double BOB??

Lucy D. said...

how cute!! sounded like such a fun trip elizabeth! your babies are just precious and your blogging/photography skills are the best!

BettieBoyd said...

So happy you got to see Vir! Who knew that some day you'd be putting REAL babies down for naps?!

Virginia said...

Elizabeth! What a sweet post! We had the most amazing time! Though we may have started a little earlier than y'all on the babies, you are a pro at this mama thing! I learned so many things from YOU!! You have made your small space in the heart of DC into a wonderful and loving home for your boys. I will treasure the time we had forever! Looking forward to doing it again--do I dare bring BOTH children next time?! :)