Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Buddy Boy at 8 Months

Sweet babykins is 8 months old.
 And, wow, is he ever busy!  Between log rolls and lurchy crawls, he can flat travel a room.  And as of yesterday, he can pull himself up to a standing position.  He is so very ready to chase his brother around!
Still no teeth, but Buddy Boy is a great eater!  He nurses 5-6 times a day, drinks two supplemental bottles, chows down on solids at lunchtime, and has a snack at suppertime.  Whenever he figures out that food is coming his way (the nursing cover, the bottle, the highchair tray, etc.), he pumps his legs and squeals and swings his fists around.  Currently, he is loving cooked apple slices and steamed asparagus stalks.  And I think he'd eat a whole jar of sweet potato puffs, if I let him.
I love watching his ever-changing eyes turn different colors.  I think they're headed toward the Mister's chocolate brown, but right now, they're a mix of navy blue, green, gold, and caramel.
He is such a good sport about changes in his routine, just going with the flow, napping in the stroller or Ergo, if need be, enjoying all our activities on his own little level.  As long as he's with us, he's happy!  Now, if he gets left in a room alone, that's a different story...  :)
He's a good little baby and he's our sweet Buddy Boy.

Happy 3/4 of a year, babypie!


Aunt Betty said...

I'll bet you he is going to skip the crawling stage for the most part. Both of mine did and with him pulling himself up already I think he will also. He is such a cuttie pie. Can't wait to see you in the ham next month.

ElissaMLF said...

Oh, I just want to hug him. And it sounds like he and Ramona may have similar personalities. So looking forward to meeting him -- and seeing all of you -- in just a month, now!

V's Mama said...

Wow! It really set in when you said happy 3/4 birthday!! He's getting to be a big boy!!! :) I love him and his most adorable smile. Can't wait til next month to love on you all!

Foodiebia said...

Beautiful pictures! He is adorable!

Kelly said...

wow. he looks so much like andrew to me in that last picture. adorbs. i need you to help me with getting rid of my decorative side panels so my pics and text will be bigger. I cannot figure it our for the life of me.

BettieBoyd said...

JF is so handsome! I am thrilled to hear about his appetite. He is a worldbeater! Love, Mama

sbbales said...

What a sweet beautiful boy! Love seeing all the pics of your handsome boys!