Thursday, March 3, 2011

Zoo Day

A forecasted high of 60 and sun all day had us hightailing it to the zoo.
Don't you just hate it when you pull out your camera to take some pictures at the beginning of an outing and belatedly realize the settings were still for indoor light?  I sure do.  Blew these out of the water, but they're still fun memories.
We met up with some old friends and some new friends for a day of outdoor play.
It was my birthday, and there truly was no way I would have rather spent it, than seeing Little Guy stare in complete and total fascination at each animal we saw.  He really gets the zoo now.  That is SO FUN!
 We packed a picnic lunch, and enjoyed it in the children's play area.
The sun was so bright that Buddy Boy didn't need a coat, but did need a hood.  Hello, Spring, please stick around.  Please?
 And we finished the day off with a walk through the petting zoo.  Little Guy asked and pleaded and begged to touch every single animal we passed, but they were all out of reach.  When one finally came near the fence, he said that that wasn't actually the one he wanted to touch.  Turns out that one was too "sfary."  ;) 


Holland said...

awww, i grew up going to that zoo! so many memories... it's so wonderful that you have such a great place to enjoy /w your kiddos!

V's Mama said...

What a wonderful day of exploration! Lets catch up tomorrow! Love you, sweet friend!

BettieBoyd said...

They both look so pleased to be out having an adventure!