Monday, February 28, 2011

Fun, Lately

After our jaunt to Williamsburg, we had my mother, grandmother, and aunt with us for a few days of museum exploration, sightseeing, dining out, and theatre going.  We had such a great time!

Buddy Boy fell head over heels for my sweet aunt.  And really, how could he have not, when she was willing to rescue him from the stroller and tote him around museums, bounce him on her knee for hours, and regularly supply him with new books and toys for his entertainment?  He knew he had it good with her.
Then, we had a short, but delightful, visit from my in-laws, complete with a little more museum exploration and dinner at a new restaurant in our neighborhood.
 We've about decided that Buddy Boy can thank Grandpa for his good looks!
The Mister has figured out a new game to play with the matching tiles.  Think multi-level dominoes or, as Little Guy calls it "building trains...push down!"  They both love it.  I'm tellin' ya, it's the simplest toys that bring the most enjoyment in the long run.
 The boys in black and white.

This is how they hug.  Full body affection.
Six months is such a turning point in babyhood, isn't it?
 He's so happy with his whole new sitting-up-and-playing-with-toys world.
 Little Guy had a little accident yesterday.  A can of black olives split the skin on his brow bone.
He explained it this way: "Lying down on floor...frow can up in air...come down on far-head."  Yeah.  Ouch.  Jacob deemed it unworthy of stitches, we attempted a butterfly strip, and then just ended up with Neosporin and a bandaid.  His Daddy's been telling him how tough he looks.
And it hasn't affected his drum playing in the slightest.

First, it was the "MonuWash", then the "WashingMuCHINE," and now he tackles all of "da Washington Mon-ment."  And looks for it whenever we leave home.  "Da Cap-tal," too.  He's a DC baby.


Mary-Margaret Brown said...

I just can't get over how beautiful your babies are!!

BettieBoyd said...

Great new pictures! Glad you got one of Bebe with JF. You are so right about Dave and JF--they match! Love, Mama

Hoppy said...

Definitely looks like fun!!

The Steffens said...

Your pictures are so so great, Eliz. You've become quite the photographer!! Doesn't hurt that you have the cutest subjects ever :)

ElissaMLF said...

Great pictures! I love that the girls have a similar (albeit, smaller) national monument just two blocks away. There are definitely some perks to being an urban baby!

Funny story: When Amelia plays with blocks, she doesn't build towers, she builds "monumens!"

kbb said...

The boys are just so handsome. I must get band-aids like your little man's - BB would LOVE them!