Friday, March 18, 2011


We made it to a few minutes of the St. Patrick's Day Parade this weekend.  The Little Guy was scared to death of the bands and asked repeatedly that we go home.  Ever since, he's been asking to "go see trumpets and horses and fire-krucks and all dose tings at the hair-rade."  Guess it's better in retrospect.
The Mister has been home by 7:30 several nights lately and has been able to spend some time with us on the weekends.  We've eaten dinner together.  He's kissed Buddy Boy goodnight.  He's played games with Little Guy.  He's been my partner in potty training.  I'm storing up this wonderful time with him, with hopes it'll carry me through the next drought. 
We're beginning to think about moving Buddy Boy into the bedroom with Little Guy.  Last night, we tried it for the first time.  Their bedtimes are staggered, and it was a little rocky getting them both asleep, but around 10, I poked my head in and was so pleased to see them both sleeping soundly.  Around 10:30, the fire alarm in our building went off.  Cue two crying babies.
 I think Buddy Boy reads my blog.  No sooner did I say he was showing no signs of crawling than he started doing that little inchworm thing...scooching and pushing.  He doesn't get far.  In fact, he gets pretty much nowhere.  But he's thinking about it.
I've always reused plastic shopping bags, chiefly for lining bathroom trash cans.  Last year, the District passed a bag tax...merchants are required to charge 5 cents per plastic bag a customer uses. Being the coupon clipper that I am, I started toting my reusbale bags to the store.  And yesterday, I once again had to buy a box of (new! previously unused!) plastic bags to line my bathroom trash cans.

It's 3:42 on Friday afternoon.  Those durn fire alarms have been going off again, but so far the babies are still napping.  I'm calling it the weekend.  Enjoy!


Wanting What I Have said...

So sorry to hear about those trash bags at $.05 each! RIDICULOUS!!! I'd be toting my own, too. In fact, several months ago I purchased a small kitchen trash can and began using my plastic store bags to line it. We're pretty much down to one large bag a week, and only when we collect for trash pick up.

Your boys are darling! Glad the parade was so awesome in retrospect.

The Steffens said...

Plastic grocery bags really do make great trash liners. Even with my love of reusable bags, I every once in a while don't take them just to restock on plastic bags. Darn the tax for making you buy your own! I'll mail you some of ours :)

BettieBoyd said...

Having seen the Hair-Rade, A now knows that he is brave enough for honoring St. Patrick next time!PS I think he is just about big enough for the shamrock lesson!

Malacy said...

My mom always reused dry cleaning bags to gather trash or line small waste baskets. She just knotted up the top and a nice, long bag is made!