Monday, March 14, 2011

Buddy Boy at 7 Months

Well, hello, 7 months!
This month, Buddy Boy really became his own little person, with a whole set of desires and interests.
He absolutely adores his big brother, and wants to be a part of whatever he is doing.  This means that he is often playing with Legos and puzzle pieces and little toy men.  Thankfully, Little Guy is delighted to share his toys with Buddy Boy and enjoys seeing him play with them.
He's still a great sleeper, and has recently started sleeping at least 13 hours a night without waking to nurse.  Woohoo!  Happy baby, happy mama.
We've been progressing with our solid foods introduction.  Buddy Boy has a solids session at lunchtime everyday and exclusively feeds himself. Thus far, he has enjoyed sucking and gnawing on apple slices, bell pepper strips, and celery stalks.  He also eats Gerber yogurt melts and loves Baby Mum-Mum rice crackers.
At 7 months, Buddy Boy can sit for ages without tumbling, but shows no signs of crawling just yet.  His hair is filling in and his eyes are changing color.  I fully expected to see some teeth by now, but we're still waiting.
He's perfectly happy playing on the floor, as long as I'm in sight, but has started crying when I leave the room, so we've been working on having a little bit of solo playtime.  I think I'm also going to institute some playpen time now, before he's crawling, so we won't run into too much resistance.
He's such a sweet and easy baby.  We have been so blessed with our boys' dispositions!
And it makes me so happy to see the relationship blooming between the two of them.  Last night, we were on a drive and they were both craning their necks around the edges of their carseats to see one another.  Little Guy was sing-songing, "Heybabyheybabyheybaby," and Buddy Boy was just dying out laughing, which then made Little Guy get the giggles.  Listening, for minutes on end, to your little boys laughing at each other laughing...that's pretty good stuff.
Happy 7 months, darling boy!  You are such a joy and we love you so!


Malacy said...

Every single picture is beautiful, Elizabeth! Baby Mum-Mums have been our saving grace, too--wish I had known about them sooner!

Foodiebia said...

And to top it off he's a beautiful baby too! What a nice update!

BettieBoyd said...

It's our "Smiling Jack!" He is our darling boy! Love, Mama

Anonymous said...

He is just so cute! And sounds like quite a big boy eating solids already. We just started Elijah on them two weeks ago and he's not looking back! Can't wait to see you guy's in May!
Nicole O.

The Steffens said...

You have the cutest babies ever!!!!

Julie said...

Isn't it great that big brother entertain's little brother so well?
p.s. loved all the pictures!

V's Mama said...

LOVE this post. He's precious. Missing alllllll of you these days... :(