Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Play

I said there would be pictures, so pictures there are!
Playing in the snow is the Little Guy's new favorite activity.  It's so great that he is big enough to enjoy it now!  Give him a bucket and a "shovel" and he sets to building snow castles.
 Buddy Boy doesn't even mind our outings in the snow for a good while.  He's such an agreeable baby.
Little Guy is a doting big brother.  He is constantly wanting to "tiss baby's head," "pat baby's tummy," "hold baby's hand," "see baby's eyes open," "see baby's eyes closed." Throughout the day, he brings toys for Buddy Boy to play with..."Heeyago, baby! Baby hold BALL!!!  Wook, Mommy, baby hold BALL!"  It's very sweet.
And the affection is quite mutual.  Buddy Boy thinks Little Guy is the funniest thing he's ever seen.  He stands up in his walker and swivels his head back and forth to keep up with Little Guy's antics.  And laughs and laughs when his big brother throws frisbees or knocks down Lego towers.  Little Guy never had anything like this level of entertainment.
Every time a snowball was thrown..."Wook, Mommy! Bweak alllllllllll apart to pieces down the steps!"  Every. single. last. time.  :)
 Ahhhhhh, life is oh so good.  There are hard days (yesterday, anyone?), but it is intensely good.  And I'm just where I've always hoped to be.
Thought this smokin' snowman was funny.  {not our creation}
Happy Tuesday, y'all!


EWP said...

We haven't had any snow at all this winter to play in, but it seems we'll be making up for it all tonight with our snowmageddon.

Does Little Guy call JF "baby"? I think that's cute :)

Sarah Rose said...

Oh my goodness, what fun! The girls are so longing for more snow, but I think we're just going to have a cold snap coming up. And love, love, love that precious relationship between brothers!

V's Mama said...

You are an awesome, amazing mama!! I love you and your sweet boys!!

BettieBoyd said...

Wonderful pictures of their happy smiles! Love, Mama PS---you are a good sport to stay out in the cold with them!

Julie said...

I like their matching hats! I bet y'all had some hot chocolate when you returned home!

April said...

Oh I am so thankful for your perspective and positive attitude as a SAHM. I have been feeling so sorry for myself and my "career choice" lately.