Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Little of This, Little of That

The fruits of my naptime craft project (I'd been sorely in need of a little crafting):
Glad I took pictures in the morning, because both of the zebras were missing by evening. That's what you get when you combine iron-on appliques and a curious toddler.
And, by the way, that's Little Guy's new facial expression in the picture above, most commonly on display when he's listening.  I think our little chatterbox has to actively bite his tongue.

Remember our first little doggie?  Second time is twice as nice.
Did you know that those Hillshire Farms lunchmeat containers are the perfect size for a toddler lunchbox?
 Sleepy Saturday morning:
The Mister and I ordered season one of Lost on eBay.  We are totally sucked in and hunting season two already.  We're only about seven years late, right?
Bathtime is so much more exciting these days, with two in the tub.
Especially since this little one is very intense about his swim training.  It may look like he's not enjoying himself, but that's just his steely resolve to scissor-kick his way to the Olympics.
It takes a lot of bath toys to make up for Buddy Boy's early exit.

The little one bats at the big one.  The big one bats at the mobile.  They're contained, and I get a load of laundry sorted and sprayed and thrown in, all without any socks being crammed by tiny fingers way back into the even tinier space between the washer and the wall.
Just because I love him:
 And him, too:
We're laundering the day away.  Hope your day is equally as peaceful!


Katie said...

These are terrific!. Love the shirts...too cute. Also, bathtime seems to be quite fun up there!

Wanting What I Have said...

Oooo ooooh ooooh! I LOVE Lost!!! I haven't seen the last season yet - but Elizabeth - you can watch it instantly on Netflix. Are y'all Netflix members? It's the greatest thing ever! You can stream right to your TV. Hunt no more (unless you want to own them...)! $!! a month. We don't have cable or even local tv, we are 100% on Netflix only and it's awesome.

Ok. Enough said.

Love the shirts! You did a great job!

The Steffens said...

I was just about to suggest Netflix too. Netflix is THE BEST. And really not that much per month.

Had so much fun skyping with the cuties yesterday! And happy I saw one of the zebras before it met its demise :)

Julie said...

I can almost smell their sweetness
from their baths in those wonderful pictures!