Monday, February 7, 2011

Heard This Morning at Chez Snodgrass

{as I'm grunting, trying to hang a curtain}
Hard to do, Mommy.  Keeeeeep twying!
{and as I at last achieve success}
Yaaaaaay, Mommy!  Do it oooooown SELF!  Yaaaaaay!

{with his mouth poised just above water level in the tub}
I sip ew yuck gross water?  Drink doorty water please?

{when I give Buddy Boy his passy}
Tanks, Mommy.  Dat sweet.

{looking at the remote control}
I watcha Mickey Mouse?
{then, in a falsetto, motherly-ish voice}
Oooooookay.  Sure!

{as I'm cleaning out Buddy Boy's nose}
Goo'ness!  Wook at alllllll dat nose goo, baby!  Goooooood, baby!  No cry!  Sooooo GOOD!

{when I duck under table to retrieve a ball}
{in a sing-songy voice}
Beeeeee, caaaaaaaay-ful, Mommy.  Watch yooooooour heeeeeeee-aaaaad.

I'm beginning to think there's an echo in here.  ;)


ElissaMLF said...

It's hysterical (and sometimes enlightening) to hear yourself parroted all day long, isn't it?

My favorite phrase of mine that Amelia repeats is "Sounds like a plan," which is used in the following manner: "And then have some juice, and then maybe watch a movie? Sounds like a plan!"

Rhonda Hennessy said...

Too cute! Such a sweet boy!

Why do they always want to drink the bath water???! ML loves to drink her bath water...and it's one instance where there's just not much you can do to stop it.

Eleanor said...

So sweet! Such a happy guy!

Foodiebia said...

This is too cute.

BettieBoyd said...

I so glad you hang curtain own self, Mommy!

The Steffens said...

Okay, we seriously need to set up this skype date. I need to hear all this cuteness for myself!

tarheelmom said...

Don't even know you guys, but that is sooo cute. Your last line made me laugh out loud. I read your blog every once in awhile...I ran across your blog while reading some of your Alabama acquaintances. We are family to some people in Mountain Brook and so forth...
Cute blog and cute boys.

Aunt Cacky said...

I keep coming back to this post and re-reading it; I chuckle EVERY time!

Much love to you and your men folks!