Saturday, January 8, 2011


 This week, in Tuscaloosa, we assembled 3/4 of our freshman year suite... five munchkins...
...for a trip down memory lane with the girls and a tour of the newly renovated football stadium with my roomie's husband.
We got to see the great-looking new locker room and learn about the significance behind all the special features.
And we got to stuff the kiddos in Greg McElroy/Joe Namath/Kenny Stabler's locker!
Then--coolest of all--our very kind host took us through the player tunnel.
And out onto the field!
 The toddler set ran like crazy.
 See the Little Guy out there?
A moment to remember!


The Cagles said...

WOW! Okay, that is really, REALLY cool! :) Roll Tide!

Patricia said...

What?!?!? You were in town?!?!

Lexi said...

OMG, the kids running on the field are so cute! Such fun for them to have such a nice big field to run on!

V's Mama said...

What a wonderful, wonderful day! I am still dreaming of another easy car ride like we experienced! I think V needs Andrew on every car trip!! :) Love you, sweet friend!

Katie said...

So fabulous! The day was wonderful! Thank you so much!