Monday, January 10, 2011


 An ice storm has rolled through Dixie and coated our world in a glassy sheen.
As the sleet started to accumulate last night, my brothers and their families made their way to my parents' house, where the generator promised a warm night and the refrigerator was full of food.   We had an impromptu slumber party, and woke this morning to find the City had closed the streets and no one had to go to work.

For some reason, I hadn't thought to pack snow clothes when we left for our southern getaway.  But after a few minutes of rummaging through a rarely-opened closet, we were well equipped.
Bring on the sledding!


The Steffens said...

People in Alabama own sleds??? How often do those get used?

Aunt Betty said...

Are you and Jen in your pajamas?

Family Snodgrass said...

@Anika--let's just say the runners had gotten a little rusty

@Aunt Betty--of course! :)

Aunt Cacky said...

It looks light John Fletcher and Anne Louise are going to be good buddies just like the older twin cousins. So wonderful!

Katie said...

You are a wonderful photographer. Very impressive!!

Tricia said...

My mom has the same style sled in her shed- I've tried and tried to get her to let me take it and use it- but it's "an antique" and I can't have it. ;) silly alabamians and their sleds teehee