Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Once, Twice, Three Times McWane

Way back when I was about thirteen, my family attended the opening night of the McWane Center, a children's hands-on science museum, in Birmingham.  It was so much fun then, and it is so much fun now.  Fun enough to merit going three times in two weeks!

Our first visit to the McWane Center was with my parents, and--lucky for us!--they got an annual pass (Mama has this thing for annual passes...).  Little Guy absolutely loved the water stations and the train exhibit, and Buddy Boy was quite content basking in his grandmother's attentions.
We headed back the next week with a friend from Tuscaloosa and her guy.  Once again, the water was a hit!  But flying the remote-controlled airplane and playing in the snow room were also favorites.  Little Guy loved having a big boy around to show him the ropes.
By the time we returned with another friend and her daughter a few days later, I couldn't stop talking about how if we lived in Birmingham, I would get an annual pass (get that from Mama, I guess) and go all the time.  It is an awesome, 4-story, educational wonderland for children.  They've even thought of all the important stuff, like gating the play areas intended for the toddler set, so your littlest museum-goers don't wander off.  And multiple exhibits had changed in between each of our visits, which were just a few days apart.  Very cool.  We played and played and played.
I hope you Birminghamians are taking advantage of what you've got!  And the rest of you should be sure to check it out if you ever have the chance.


Wanting What I Have said...

What a GREAT TIME!!!! Love your photo collages and it's so good to see your sweet mama!

Julie said...

How wonderful that Andrew had a nice substitute for the Smithsonian while in Birmingham - it looks awesome!